Hello there,

My name is Serena Hephzibah Onwuka and this is a platform I use to share my walk in Christ and share some things that I learn as well. I hope to be transparent, pointing those who read toward our Savior.

I am, by no means, a professional writer or maybe even a good one at that, but I do pray that through this blog, the Lord works in our hearts in drawing us closer to Him. And also that we grow together as a community filled with love and grace.

I am open to guest blogging as well, so feel free.

If you wish to, email me anytime at serenaonwuka@gmail.com and I will be sure to respond as soon as possible. Have a great day loves. 🌹

p.s. the timings assigned to the posts refer to the time that they were written, which may not be the same as the publication date.

Also, I do not do this frequently, but I add to posts/edit them after they have been published. If it changes the main point of what I originally said, I put it in a separate section of *update* below the post. Otherwise, I go ahead without a notice.

‘That cool? Oh okay then. Go on now! haha xx